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I have some handpieces for repair – what do I do?
Just give us a call on 1300 337 300, If you ar within the Sydney or QLD Metro areas we can work out a suitable time for the technician to personally collect the handpieces – if necessary you can show us what the problem is in-situ.

Or 1300 337 300 if you are Country or Interstate then we can organise a FREE Startrack courier collection next day from your pick up request. We just ask that you wrap and package your items suitably for transit.

Alternatively,please post your wrapped handpieces to us:

DDS 2/11 turbo Road, Kings Park NSW 2148 (and we shall deduct your postage expenses from your invoice).
Do I need to wrap them up for personal collections?
No - Just ensure they have been autoclaved, we will bring a box/packaging to put them in. We then inventory each handpiece by their serial number for identification purposes on the repair estimates.

Do you charge for your estimates?
No – All estimates are free. We will let you know if it is not cost effective to repair considering its age and condition.

How long do the repairs take?
High speed turnaround is one day and up to 3 days for low speed handpieces.

Do you use genuine parts?
We use genuine parts on low speed handpieces where possible. Aftermarket parts are used on high speed handpieces – (this helps keep the repair costs down for you, whilst maintaining the highest quality of repair as the parts installed consist of the highest quality German ceramic bearings and products, which are tested to exceed Industry Standard ABEC7).

Do the handpieces come with any warranty?
Yes – All Platinum and Premium Services/Repairs are covered with a 6 months parts and labour warranty, and 12 months water blockage warranty.
*DDS Warranties do not cover any damage incurred from dropping, tampering with, poor maintenance or mis-handling.

Do you offer any maintenance tips?
Yes - as part of our service we encourage you to maintain your own handpieces!  We have leaflets/emails explaining everyday care, lubrication and initial troubleshooting action if a handpiece fails. We also offer maintenance demonstrations to new members of staff.

Are you insured?
Yes – DDS is fully insured and has public liability for up to $20 million.

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