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Handpiece Hub

Handpiece Hub is the home of your handpiece repair history – any time, any place, anywhere.

By entering in your personal login and password, not only can you open the history file of all your previously repaired handpieces with DDS, but you can check-in 24/7 from any computer in any location, and monitor the status of your current repairs in the workshop.


Our easy to use Hub allows you to access all of the assessment notes made by our technicians in the workshop, backed up by images of each handpiece, their serial numbers, makes and models. You can also run reports and identify the problem handpieces within your inventory.

We have also developed access for Corporates to be able to cross reference monthly, quarterly, annually or any desired date range the spends within your practices and give you the opportunity at the click of a button to draw up comparisons as to which makes and models are more troublesome, require regular ongoing servicing along with which practices spend the most (which can then be related to their comparative size/turnover) etc.

Please click on this link:
(and save it to your browser favourites - Firefox & Google Chrome compatible)


If you haven't already been issued with your Login and Temporary Password, please call us on 1300 337 300.

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