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Bien Air Lubricare 2 Maintenance System


Lubricare 2 automatically performs maintenance (cleaning and lubrication) of dental handpieces, which are essential for daily practice.


Up to 4 handpeices in a short time

thanks to different programmed operating modes suitable for each specific handpiece, Lubricare 2 can automatically perform maintenance of up to 4 handpieces in a short time. It cleans a turbine in approximately 20 seconds and a contra angle in 40 seconds.


Clean air blowing system

By employing the dual solenoid valves system and a clean air dedicated conduit, the system can supply clean air without a mix of oil.
During the water removal process before lubrication, the system removes the water in the head, which maximizes lubrication results and minimizes idling period before practice.



Reduction of oil consumption by 4 times

When using Lubricare 2, oil consumption is reduced by 4 times
compared to manual procedure, thus allowing for a faster maintenance with excellent cost savings.


Removable front door

The front door can be removed for improved access. Lubricare 2 incorporates a built-in oil mist suction mechanism to prevent aerosol diffusion when in use.


Flat control panel

The control panel is flat for easy cleaning.



99.99% Reduction of the Microbial Load

To achieve the best outcomes, Bien-Air highly recommends using Spraynet and Lubrifluid

Spraynet is proven to reduce 99.99% of the Microbial Load.


Full compatibility

Lubricare 2 is compatible with handpieces and cleaning or lubrication products from other manufacturers. Additional couplings or spray holder may be needed.


1600036-006 Bien-Air Spraynet Cans $112 ea

1600064-006 Bien-Air Lubrifluid Cans $139 ea


Plus gst Plus postage

Parts are not held in stock and prices may not be current = please call or email us for availability


Please note: This product is likely to take 8-10 weeks to cusom make and ship from Switzerland if none in stock.

Bien-Air Lubricare 2

SKU: 1600915-001
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