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Bien-Air MC2 Isolite 300 Electric Micro Motor

The MC2 is the most widely used electric micro motor in the world. Appreciated and recommended for its reliability and endurance, it has been proving its worth for many years.

With a rotating speed of 60 to 40,000 rpm, its performance is remarkable and it is driven highly efficiently by the PLMP 021 microprocessor control unit.

The MC2 micro motor: Swiss Made design and manufacture at an attractive price. Now also available with intensity-adjustable LED light.


  • Fibre optic
  • Internal water
  • Type E coupling compliant with ISO 3964 

Same price for 1600681-001 model


Plus gst Plus postage

Parts are not held in stock and prices may not be current = please call or email us for availability

Bien-Air MC2 Isolite 300 Electric Micro Motor

SKU: 1600078-001
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