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In a world where time is the most valuable asset, the TORNADO
executes the most pressing demands with remarkable
and agility.
SteadyTorque™ high power generator*: The masterful engineering
of the rotor’s micron-precise shape and configuration, coupled
with optimal air pressure distribution and exhaust flow, warrant
an unrivaled 30-watt power output. To contribute to
an impeccable user experience, the turbine’s head is ergonomically
compact and the sound level competitively low. This exclusive
technology is complemented with specially-designed
ceramic ball
bearings capable of handling the highest speed and heaviest loads,
guaranteeing the TORNADO superior durability and resilience.

The TORNADO expediently satisfies the most extreme speed
torque demands while maintaining strict Swiss precision
Accu-Spray Quattro Mix ™ with LED illumination : With minimal
noise interference, this new system converges four asymmetrical
laser-precise air/water sprays onto the tip of the bur for rapid and
even cooling of the operative field. Combined with a LED light, unobscured
intraoral visibility is guaranteed.
Accu-Chuck PreciPlus ™ bur-locking and rotation drive mechanism :
This revolutionary technology assures a staunch clamping of the
bur, eliminating all vibrations, and granting the TORNADO
stability and comfort for the most precise dental work. Conversely,
bur-release is made quick and safe, thanks to Bien-Air’s unique
Soft Push ™ system.

The TORNADO features advanced technologies to keep patients
safe and clinicians serene.
Sealed Head ™ contamination control : In combination with an anti-
retraction valve, this wear-resistant mechanism prevents oral
fluids and other organisms from infiltrating the instrument’s
head, water lines, and treatment unit. This abates the risk of patient
cross-contamination and noticeably prolongs the ball bearings’
Cool Touch ™ safety : Conveniently integrated into the head’s push
button, this patented anti-heating technology is designed to maintain
the instrument’s head at a safe temperature, thus significantly
decreasing patient burn injuries.

The TORNADO convincingly reinterprets style and functionality
to create value and answer every restorative need with
dynamic elegance.
Size and Weight: The optimal diameter and height of the head
maneuverability and posterior access. The TORNADO’s
comparatively lighter weight pushes the limits of comfort even further
with more balanced manipulation and reduced hand and wrist
TotalTact ™ coating: This smooth hygienic nonslip coating presents
elevated resistance to scratching and abrasion and withstands the
high temperatures of repeated autoclave sterilization cycles.


Also available in standard optics (1600907-001) Bien Air Tornado LK


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Bien-Air Tornado LED

SKU: 1600908-001
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