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NSK Pana Spray Plus

Specially Formulated Lubricant for Handpieces and Air Motors

Pana Spray Plus quickly and effectively cleans and lubricates all high speed turbine handpieces, low speed handpieces and air motors. Pana Spray Plus is a food grade mineral oil in an aerosol propellant base. It is harmless to your handpieces and your patients. Using Pana Spray regularly assures not only longer handpieces' life but also maintaining higher performance of air motor.

  • Effectively cleans and lubricates high & low speed handpieces and air motors
  • Food grade mineral oil / Aerosol base
  • Large 480 ml spray helps reducing waste cans


Please ensure correct lubrication nozzle is attached for the brand of handpieces you use.


*We cannot ship these cans as they are classed as Hazardous Material, so only available to Sydney Metro Clients, please contact your consumable supplier if Country NSW or Interstate.

NSK Pana Spray Plus Lubrication

SKU: PanaSpray
  • This product is classed as a hazardous material so cannot be posted, it is only available to Sydney Metro customers or those within our country run areas for personal delivery.

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